Parking on Ameland

Parking on Ameland

Parking on Ameland is available at your convenience. There are several parking areas on Ameland where you can park your car. You can park for free in the so-called blue zones. You must then use a blue parking disc and the parking time is limited. In each blue zone you can find a sign that states how long you can park on certain days or hours.

How does parking on Ameland work?

When you park your car, indicate on the blue parking card when you have arrived. Then you place the parking card on your dashboard. Make sure it is clearly visible. It is also allowed to park on the side of the road with your caravan, camper or trailer, provided that this is not longer than three consecutive days.

Free parking on Ameland

Free parking on Ameland, close to the beach

On Ameland is free available in various parking places. This is possible at the parking lot at the intersection of the Verdekspad and Stokershiem. Click here for directions. As a guest, you can park for free at many hotels on Ameland and other accommodations.

Bring your car on the ferry to Ameland

You are allowed to bring your car to Ameland. Don’t forget to reserve a spot on the ferry to Ameland. Keep in mind that brining your car to Ameland is only possible on the regular ferry and not on the express service.

Parking areas on Ameland

Parking at the Jan van Eijckweg
Location: Jan van Eijckweg, Nes.
This parking lot is located at 300 meters from the beach.

Parking area Oranjeweg
Location: Oranjeweg, Hollum
The beach of Hollum is located at about 200 meters from this parking area.

Parking area Reeweg
Location: Reeweg, Ameland
The beach of Nes is located at almost 3 kilometers from this parking area.

Parking at the beach on Ameland
Location: Strandweg, Buren
As the name suggests, you can park close to the Ameland beach (225 meters).

Location: Stokershiem, Nes.
Located at about 2 kilometers from the Westerpad beach.

Parking in Holwerd

If you don’t bring your car to Ameland, you can opt for parking in Holwerd. The ferry port of Holwerd can be easily reached by car. There are two parking areas which provide enough parking space. There are also various parking facilities in and near Holwerd, both covered and uncovered.

A shuttle bus service is provided from the P2 parking area, which connects to the departure times of the Ameland ferry. Due to crowds during the high season, during events and around the holidays, it is recommended to take some extra travel time into account for searching for a parking space.