Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the ferry to Ameland? Perhaps we already answered your question below. Frequently asked questions with answers regarding the ferry to Ameland. Questions about parking, rates, schedule, reservations, etc.

Frequently asked questions Ferry Ameland

Are the ticket prices for a one way trip?

Single tickets are not available. All mentioned prices are for return tickets.

Does the ticket price for my car include occupants?

The ticket price for a car does not include occupants. For a trailer, caravan or bicycle carrier you have to pay an additional fee. You don’t have to pay for bicycles on a roof rack.

Can I reserve a passenger ticket?

The ferries have sufficient capacity for all passengers. It is neither necessary nor possible to reserve a place on the ferry in advance.

Do I have to make a reservation for my motorcycle?

It is not possible to make a reservation for individual motorbikes. If you visit Ameland with a group (a minimum of 5) of motorcyclists then it is recommended to call ahead +31 519 54 61 11.

How much is parking?

A parking ticket costs € 4.50 (or less). You can pay in cash or with your debit card. It is also possible to pay with your credit card (VISA, Maestro, American Express and Eurocard). More information about parking in Holwerd.

What time should I be present?

It is recommended to be present at least half an hour before the departure of the ferry.

How do I get to my destination on Ameland?

There are buses and taxis available on Ameland. You can also rent bicycles on Ameland.

How long does the crossing to Ameland take?

The crossing by ferry to Ameland takes around 45 minutes.

What to do on Ameland?

Check out the Ameland tourist information agenda for all activities and excursions on Ameland. You can also visit one of the tourist offices in Nes or Hollum during your stay to find out about the week programs.

Can I take the ferry from Lauwersoog to Ameland?

That is certainly possible, although only in July and August. The ferry from Lauwersoog to Ameland crosses the beautiful mudflats where you can enjoy the views, birds, peace and space.